St Louise de Marillac Primary School in Ballyfermot Published a Book for the School’s 60th Anniversary with Emu Ink Schools’ Publishing

St Louise de Marillac recently celebrated the 60th year of its establishment in Ballyfermot. The school had served its local community as a separate Junior and Senior school for decades.

In recent years the schools amalgamated to offer the children of Ballyfermot high-quality, child-centred education for 3-12 year olds. The school spans from Early Start (pre-school) to 6th class for girls and up to 1st class for boys.

The school community decided to produce a book to mark the occasion of its 60th year in operation.

The school’s principal Alma Quinn said, “We published an anniversary book with Emu Ink Schools’ Publishing. We felt it was important to write about and celebrate the successes/achievements of our school community, both of that milestone year and of the decades before it. It was a collaborative project that involved members of the school community past and present and it offered a window into the life of our school and documented the highlights of 60 wonderful years there.”

The result was a beautiful book that included articles and photos from current and past pupils, staff members and parents.

Alma summed up the initiative by saying, “We were very proud of the wonderful book that we produced; it is an important historical artefact for our school community and the wider community in Ballyfermot.”

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Bishop Galvin Primary School in Willington, Templeogue, Published as part of ‘The Covid Book Project’ with Emu Ink Schools’ Publishing

Bishop Galvin’s book is a record of the experiences of the school community during this unique time.

The school’s principal Kathryn Corbett said, “In Bishop Galvin NS, taking part in the project was so beneficial for our pupils. We captured the thoughts and perspectives of our children who lived through this historical time of lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic.”

The resulting book “Safe at Home” included articles, illustrations and photos from pupils and staff members.

Kathryn added, “Teachers will have the beautiful book that our school community published for use in the teaching of social and living history for generations to come.”

If you are ready to record the children’s experiences of lockdown, learning from home, the easing of the measures, the return to school buildings in your school community, why not contact us and find out how Emu Ink Schools’ Publishing can collaborate with you to produce a publication that will stand the test of time?